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Building a research infrastructure

We are currently engaged in the preparatory phase for the European Research Infrastructure for Heritage Science (E-RIHS) which was put on the European Roadmap in 2016. The European-wide project will see different platforms supporting the new research infrastructure, which include mobile laboratories, fixed laboratories, digital and archival facilities. 

The ISAAC Research Centre and Mobile Lab is now part of the European research infrastructure project Integrating Platforms for the European Research Infrastructure on Heritage Science (IPERION HS), a consortium with partners from 23 countries with a mission to build a unique and accessible research infrastructure for heritage science, connecting the communities from the Arts and Humanities with Sciences and Engineering.


ISAAC will contribute to E-RIHS and IPERION HS in the following ways:

ISAAC instruments, data science tools and expertise accessible through E-RIHS for both European and UK institutions;

​The ISAAC mobile lab is accessible to international organisations through the IPERION HS pan-European transnational program;

Collaborative research in new methods and analytical platforms for future E-RIHS provisions on MOLAB, FIXLAB and DIGILAB. Please click here for more details.

research projects & collaborations

The ISAAC Research Centre has collaborated with a variety of heritage institutions to conduct remote and non invasive analysis. Examples of our recent projects can be found on the Cultural Heritage Projects page. We have also collaborated with national and international industrial partners to apply our techniques to solving modern engineering problems. Examples of these collaborations can be found on the Industrial Impact Projects page.

Research Degrees

We have 9 PhD students based at the ISAAC Research Centre for the 2023/24 academic year, from both Heritage Science and Physics backgrounds, and covering a wide range of related research.

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