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ISAAC Mobile Lab

Running for over a decade, our mobile laboratory provides heritage institutions with access to:

  • unique in-house developed cutting-edge mobile imaging and spectroscopy instruments (funded by UK Research Council grants);

  • state-of-the-art commercial and bespoke instruments for in situ analysis in art conservation, history and archaeology;​

  • advanced data science methodologies for interpretation of results;​

  • expertise in interdisciplinary research at the interface between science and heritage

Selected ISAAC Mobile Lab projects

Instrument Types

How to Apply

Applications are welcome from UK and international organisations. For charities and public organisations, access to the ISAAC Mobile Lab is provided on a non-profit basis.

UK based Organisations

Organisations within the UK should email the ISAAC Research Centre directly to discuss a research collaboration with us prior to filling in the Mobile Lab proposal form.


International Organisations 

Organisations from outside the UK have two routes of access:

1. As with UK based organisations, International Organisations can contact the ISAAC Research Centre directly to discuss a research collaboration, and access the full range of Mobile Lab facilities by filling in the Mobile Lab proposal form;

2. Alternatively, selected ISAAC Mobile Lab facilities are accessible via the transnational access program offered by the MOLAB platform of IPERION HS.

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