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Events & Workshops

From Lima to Canton: New Digital Tools for Painting Analysis

Library of Congress, June 2024

A half day symposium on the U.K. Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and the U.S. NEH funded project “From Lima to Canton and Beyond: An AI-aided Heritage Materials Research Platform for Studying Globalization through Art.” 

Pancho Fierro Analysis Study Day
Hispanic Society Museum & Library, June 2024

A dissemination event in which the ISAAC Research Centre explained the research and methods used for the "Lima to Canton" project. Following the presentation, there was an opportunity to see the instruments and new software that enables efficient data collection and visualization in analysing works from the Hispanic Society collections.

Science & Heritage Interdisciplinary Research Workshop

March 2019


An interdisciplinary workshop organised by ISAAC in the framework of the European Research Infrastructure for Heritage Science (E-RIHS). The event aimed to bring together those engaged in the study of heritage from different backgrounds (historians, curators, archaeologists, conservators and heritage scientists) to illustrate how science can address a wide range of research questions related to heritage objects and to foster interdisciplinary collaboration.

Introduction to an AI-aided Heritage Materials Research Platform

National Museum of Asian Art, Washington DC, June 2024

An interactive workshop to introduce the novel workflow developed as part of the "Lima to Canton" research project which streamlines the use of a mobile laboratory for data collection (MOLAB) followed by a use of a digital platform for data analysis, visualization and collaboration. 

European Research Infrastructure for Heritage Science (E-RIHS) dissemination day

NTU, March 2019


An event organised by the ISAAC Research Centre to discover how the E-RIHS plays a connecting role in the global community of heritage science.

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