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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Mouse

The ISAAC mobile lab is equipped with a custom made (Magritek LTD) portable unilateral NMR sensor with a permanent magnet geometry that generates a flat sensitive volume parallel to the scanner surface, at a field strength of 0.5 T.  The system is contactless and can measure, over any surface area, non-invasively, proton density (e.g. moisture content), T2 NMR relaxation times as short as 15 ms, T1 NMR relaxation times, self-diffusion coefficient of liquids, and correlations between these parameters.  The scanner produces one-dimensional profiles of any of these parameters in the sample structure in situ, as it is secured to a lift capable of step increments as small as 30 mm.

Imaging and Sensing for Archaeology, Art History and Conservation (ISAAC)'s Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) mouse

NMR mouse

Two NMR Mouse units are available, one with a slice height at 5 mm and a newer one at a slice height of 2mm.




  • monitoring the drying of varnish and paint

  • direct measurement of thickness of varnish in various drying state to solid state and polymers, such as plastics.

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