August 2022

The ISAAC Mobile Lab is off again!

This time, we're touring Europe to visit a number of organisations and historical sites. So far, we've visited the Swiss Institute of Art History in Zurich to analyse Gujarati miniatures from the Rietberg Museum collection. From there, we travelled to Switzerland to examine Carolingian wall paintings in St Peter's Church, Mistail.


August 2022 


Congratulations Dr Maggie Read!


Maggie's PhD on "The application of non-invasive analytical techniques for the investigation of vitreous materials in museum collections" was funded by AHRC CDP with the British Museum.

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May 2022

The ISAAC Research Centre is excited to announce the launch of a new service: The ISAAC DigiLab. This service will provide spectral imaging data processing, allowing cluster maps to be generated for areas of spectral similarity. The data science methods we use were developed during cultural heritage projects monitoring salts at Fort Brockhurst, Hampshire and investigation of murals at the Mogoa Caves UNESCO site in Dunhuang, China.

Cluster map showing the distribution of different salts at Fort Brockhurst

Cluster maps showing spectral similarity of pigments at Mogoa Caves

May 2022

The ISAAC Mobile Lab travelled abroad for the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic, visiting Antwerp to study paintings by James Ensor and Paul Delvaux.